Club Ice Is Back!

Join us on Friday, August 17 from 6pm to 7pm on the BLUE rink. 



2018/2019 Club Ice Dates Coming Soon!


Club Ice is offered to all full skating members who have passed Pre-Preliminary Moves or have been readiness tested by our Test Committee Coaches and to bridge members who have been readiness tested.



Rules for Club Ice


1. All full skating members must have passed the Pre-Preliminary Moves test or be readiness tested by our Test Committee coaches, and bridge members must have been readiness tested.


2. Safety takes precedent over the right to skate. A Club Ice monitor has the authority to remove any skater who poses a risk to other skaters.


3. Skate at your own risk.


4. All skaters must sign in with the Club Ice monitor before taking the ice.


5. Games of chase, tag, or racing, lines or trains, foul language, yelling, rough playing and sitting on/lying down on the ice are not allowed. No more than 2 skaters may hold hands.


6. Do not spray snow at others or throw snowballs or any other objects.


7. The AFSC and the rinks are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


8. Program/dance music is allowed, provided that the skaters' program does not interfere with other skaters' maneuvers.


9. Coaching (professional or parental) is not permitted on the ice.


10. Skaters must extend general courtesy and adhere to ice skating etiquette at all times.


11.  Parents are responsible for minors (individuals under 18 years old) on and off the ice.  The Atlanta FSC and the participating rinks do not provide supervision services.